Food For The First Month Of Pregnancy

June 12, 2019

The first month of pregnancy is when the fetus starts to develop heart, digestive system and neural tubes – tubes that aid in the development of spine, nerves, and brain. At the same time, it is during the first month that the mother is also both anxious and ecstatic about her motherhood. So it is important to take food that nourishes both the mother and the fetus. In this article, you will find food that has to be taken during the first month of pregnancy. The fetus, during the first month, needs iron, vitamins, and calcium predominantly.


Folic acid and folates are a form of Vitamin B. Bitter guard, broccoli, beans, cauliflower are rich in folates. Beets, green leafy vegetables and beans are a rich source of iron. Pudina, fenugreek leaves, radish leaves, spinach, and drumstick leaves are rich sources of folic acid.


Citrus fruits, bananas, pomegranates, guava, and berries are rich in vitamins and folates.  Avocados, muskmelons, and apples contain minerals and anti-oxidants. Fruits are rich in fiber and water that prevents constipation. So it is advisable to take at least two servings of fruits every day. Dry fruits like apricots and dry grapes are a rich source of iron. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C that is good for immunity for the mother and helps absorb iron by the fetus.

Pulses and Cereals:

Whole grains, kidney beans, channa, black gram are rich in iron. This aids in brain development and blood circulation in the fetus. Whole grains contain dietary fiber and nutrients like magnesium and selenium essential for the fetus’s growth and development. Soya beans provide vitamin B.

Nuts and seeds:

Pumpkin seeds and cucumber seeds are a rich source of iron. Nuts like walnut, hazelnut, almonds are sources of flavonoids and healthy fats that gives strength to the mother and are rich in vitamin B that is required by the fetus. Nuts are great inhibitors of nausea and vomiting during the first month.


Milk contains calcium, minerals and folic acid. One glass of milk can be had daily. You can have yogurt, curd, and hard cheese. Soft cheese has to be avoided strictly as it produces gas and makes the food toxic.

Meat and Eggs:

Eggs are abundant in folates, proteins, and vitamins A, B, D, and K. They also contain selenium and phosphorous. Chicken contains proteins. Chicken and mutton liver is rich in iron. And it should be takеn moderately. Avoid pork. Since undercooked pork can carry dangerous bacteria which can harm the fetus. Do not take half cooked meat.

There are certain foods which have to be avoidеd during the first month of pregnancy. Papaya, soft cheese, alcohol, junk foods, foods with caffeine content and seafood in case of mercury contamination should stay away from. In addition to the above-mentioned diet, drink lots of water.

Right food in the right amount, pregnancy-related exercises, positive thinking, relaxed and cheerful mood, and proper hygiene can help the fetus growing inside the mother in a healthy condition and can ease labor at the time of delivery.


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