Brazilian Butt Workout For Women Over 35

June 26, 2019

The size of your booty matters. We live during the times when among all the body parts, women decide to work their butts out the most. Who are we to argue with a trend, right?

That is why what we have come up with is a set of exercises which will make your butt actually burn! But the effect is totally worth it, since the Brazilian butt that is desired by many is going to be your reward. All that is required from you is will and patience and 30 minutes of your time. Only 30 minutes a day will get your booty into the perfect shape and will make you the object of envy for everyone around! Does it sound pretty motivating to you? Let’s get started!

1. Squat

  • Keep your feet at shoulder width apart and pointed straight ahead.
  • When squatting, your hips will move down and back.
  • Your lumbar curve should be maintained, and your heels should stay flat on the floor the entire time.
  • In air squats, your hips will descend lower than your knees.

2. Glute Bridge

  • Lay down on an exercising mat with your back resting on the mat.
  • Stating position: Move your arms out by your sides, away from the body.
  • Position your hands such that your palms are facing upwards.
  • Applying the force from your heels, raise your hips in the upward direction.
  • Final position: Keep raising your glutes in the upward direction until your thighs, hips, and back are in a straight line.
  • Stay there in this position for a count of one and return back to the starting position by lowering your hips back to the floor.
  • Pause for a while and repeat the above steps.

3. Fire Hydrants

  • Position yourself on all fours on a mat with your palms flat and shoulder-width apart.
  • Place your knees hip-width apart and bend them at a 90-degree angle.
  • Try to relax your core so that your back and abs are in a natural position.
  • Maintain this posture as you raise your right knee and bring it as close to your chest as you can.
  • Now raise your right thigh out to the side, keeping the hips still.
  • Kick your raised leg straight back slowly until it is in line with your torso.
  • Reverse the movement to return to the starting position.



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