8 Lemon Juice Uses For Weight Loss

December 10, 2018

For those who like to pamper themselves with sour things, the method of losing weight with the help of lemon juice will become an indispensable assistant in this difficult process. After all, fresh lemon juice has a pleasant taste, is useful, economical, easy to prepare and helps to get rid of excess weight.

Scientists have proven the usefulness of fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time, but many of them contribute not only to improving the state of health or mood, but also to getting rid of excess pounds, such as, for example, lemon for weight loss.

This fruit is unique, it contains a huge amount of various vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, and is the best way to improve immunity at home. It is a real source of vitamin C. This is why tea with lemon is an indispensable remedy when you have a cold. Also, lemon juice contains, in large quantities, vitamins A, B and D.

According to many dieticians, lemon has a number of amazing properties: it eliminates the feeling of hunger, breaks down fats, speeds up the process of metabolism, removes toxins, and even strengthens the hair. However, this is not the whole list of advantages.

Using lemon as a means to lose weight, means you do not have to give up eating your favorite dishes, perhaps only the most harmful of them. If you want to lose excess pounds and to make your health better, try any of these eight wonderful recipes:

1. Fresh Lemon Juice.

Combine fresh lemon juice with cold water and add some honey, if you want. You should drink this treatment every day in the morning.

2. Lemon Juice with Herbs.

Boil water with ginger, after it becomes cool, add lemon juice and some honey there. Drink it every morning.

3. Lemon with Green Tea.

Add a slice of lemon to green tea, you can also add some honey if you want.

4. Refreshing Lemon Drink.

Mix ginger, lemon, mint, ice and black sugar. Add water and your drink is ready.

5. Lemon with Fruit Juice.

Combine fresh lеmon juice with watermelon juice or to papaya juice and increase its benefits.

6. Lemon, Mint, and Cucumber.

Blend a cucumber with lеmon juice, black salt and mint. Add ice and drink it.

7. Lemon, Orange, Honey, and Basil.

Blend oranges with sea salt, lеmon juice and basil leaves. Your drink is ready.

8. Lemon Juice, Honey and Black Pepper.

Take fresh lemon juice and add black pepper and honey. You can also add some water, if you want.


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